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Shungite is a 2 billion year old carbon rich stone used to purify water and transform harmful EMFs into more compatible wave forms. This high carbon mineral is composed of fullerenes, which are carbon nanotubes with high conductivity.  Shungite is said to be beneficial in detoxifying the body, clearing our mind of negativity, balancing uncontrollable emotions and assisting us in grounding.


Spheres have a gentle energy. Mirroring the shape of the earth, moon, sun and planets, they show us our wholeness while gently sending it outward in all directions equally. They symbolize unity and are perfect for harmonizing a workspace or healing environment. They are also excellent to use as a massage tool.


Radius of Action (Protection):


Small Sphere: 1.1 meters

Medium Sphere:  4 meters 

Large:  6.5 meters

Shungite Sphere

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