Healing Crystal Bracelets

Wear what you need, daily.

All of our bracelets are hand made in Northwest Arkansas with 

the power of intention and mantra of well-being.

Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide

Single Stone Bracelets


Harness the 

Power of Three

with our

Three Good Wishes Collection

Three Gemstones,

Three Intentions,

Three Unique Energy Combinations.


Three Good Wishes

Bracelet Collection


Align your 

7 Energy Centers

with our

Chakra Collection

Our unique energetic formulas harness positive vibrational energy and healing properties that can be used for these specific 7 energy areas in your body. 


Balanced Chakra's enhance well-being and when working optimally, you will enjoy a healthy flow of healing energy. 

The 7 Chakras

Bracelet Collection