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This bracelet is perfect for clearing old patterns from your auric field and help you to clear your emotional body and begin to speak your truth. This bracelet offers gentle support and angelic spiritual lift. Letting the old stagnant patterns release, you express with calm, intuitive communication.


Bead Size and Luster:  6mm Gloss


Bracelet Size Guide

Small 6 - 6 ¼ inches

Medium 6 ½ - 6 ¾ inches

Large 7 - 7 ¼ inches


Prayers, Angels, Healings

  • Aquamarine is a calming stone that is calming and can be used to break repeated patterns of self-sabotage. It is an excellent stone to bring into your aura when you are learning new things and help you interpret how you feel for better communication.

    Blue Apatite clears your auric field and connects you to your spiritual guides. A great stone to wear during public speaking.

    Moonstone can help one sort out through challenging emotions to gain a higher perspective of such emotions' meanings and purpose. It is a beautiful stone to align with the power of the moon's energy.

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