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Often we have unresolved conflicts that create conflict in our lives. They may be with others or within our own minds. We may not even be aware that this negativity is affecting us, but as these distractions begin to clear, we are restored to a new level of vitality. As our passionate vitality begins to flow, we are tranformed and the world around us is transformed as well.


Bead Size and Luster:  6mm Gloss


Bracelet Sizing Guide

Small 6 - 6 ¼ inches

Medium 6 ½ - 6 ¾ inches

Large 7 - 7 ¼ inches

Joyful Protective Connections

  • Garnet is a stone of abundance. It brings a balanced flow while increasing passionate vitality.

    Shungite clears unresolved negativity, boosts all transformation processes and is a great stone for protection. A must have for today's world that is overwhelmed with EMF waves and pollution.

    Smoky Quartz is a protective and grounding stone. It relieves fear, lifts depression and brings personal insight for perseverance over stressful and negative situations.


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