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An Invitation to Come Journey Within

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

What does Come Journey Within mean ?

Come Journey Within is an invitation to explore your own inner workings. It is a nudging, but more than that, it is a pointing towards.

Often in our modern world we become focused outward to what is happening around us. We are inundated by external forces that distract us from what we are really feeling.

Come Journey Within is your invitation to dive deeper into your own knowing heart, into your own truth, into your own center to find for yourself what your truth is. What do you feel? Who are you? What do you like? What do you believe? So many things are waiting to be revealed.

Come Journey Within

There are many tools that can help you to dive deeper into your own knowing. Writing, painting, dancing, meditating and conversing...all of these can be pathways for exploration and revelation, for revealing yourself to yourself. Take time today to begin your journey inward. Begin to explore the depths of who you are and what you want to offer to our world. You are a wellspring of creative source energy and that energy wants only to express through you.

The mineral kingdom provides tools for your excavation and for your deep dive. The stones and crystals are here to assist you in accessing the hidden depths and jewels within yourself. You can begin to forge a relationship with these gifts of the earth, and to use them to find a more peaceful center or a more expressive action, or perhaps just to quiet an overactive mind so that you can listen to that still voice within.

-Relieve anxiety - Lepidolite

-Relieve insomnia - Howlite

-Increase focus - Fluorite

-Relieve Anger - Amethyst

-Protection and Grounding - Black Tourmaline

-Increase Energy - Carnelian

The time is now. The invitation is made.

Come Journey Within,


Come Journey Within


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